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Wolfe Research Partners With RS Metrics


Research Boutique Using Satellite Data To Predict Sales Misses


New York, NY — October 27, 2017 – Wolfe Research, LLC, a premier Wall St. investment research boutique, has partnered with RS Metrics LLC, the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence Big Data applications from large-scale analysis of satellite and aerial imagery, and other geospatial information sources. Wolfe Research’s well-respected research analysts and highly knowledgeable salesforce will bring RS Metrics’ easy-to-interpret and highly customizable Hybrid-AI data products to their extensive network of money managers.

“The incorporation of alternative data into the research process is necessary to derive alpha but it can be challenging for clients to evaluate and extract value from the various datasets in the market,” noted Wolfe’s Co-Head of Global Sales, Mackenzie Fulk. “Our Quantitative Research, Economics, Strategy (QES) professionals review countless data companies for quality, alpha generation, and value, and RS Metrics is one of the few companies that exceeds our demanding requirements. We are excited for the opportunity to bring their data products to our clients and show multiple ways to extract value.”

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with a top-tier research firm like Wolfe,” Mike Gantcher, Chief Business Officer at RS Metrics said, “The team at Wolfe Research, not only, has an incredible reputation for their deep analytical work and the credibility of their research, but also has a network and reach within the institutional investment community that is un-paralleled.”

3 for 3! As an example of the way RS metrics and Wolfe together can help investors as part of their investment mosaic, earlier this week the Wolfe Research QES team published a report entitled Anticipating Negative Sales Surprise. In that report, they determined through systematic analysis and back testing that the best signal derived from recent store parking lot data was negative sales growth. The report highlighted on the front page three restaurant chains BWLD, CMG and BJRI recent traffic data which suggested they would report a negative sales surprise. In the subsequent three days each in fact reported negative sales surprises


About RS Metrics

RS Metrics is a market-defining company that uses geospatial data analysis for the business and investment world. Its proprietary, patented technology leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning to extract meaningful and ready-to-use data from a variety of location-based sources, providing predictive analytics, alerts and end-user applications for decision making in financial services, real estate, retail, industrials, commodities, government and academic research.

RS Metrics has developed a scalable, proprietary technology platform that is purpose-built for accuracy at a large scale. Each week, the platform generates millions of data points for over 100,000 global retail and industrial locations and automatically aggregates these data points into statistically representative samples; it then weights and balances the samples using its hybrid-artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, and delivers the data and analysis in ready-to-use end-user applications and dynamic reporting formats for a wide range of users.

RS Metrics has become the dominant AI-enhanced platform for ingesting, processing, analyzing and distributing dynamic unstructured data from sources such as satellite, aerial, drone, mobile, credit card, government, tax data and web traffic.


About Wolfe

Wolfe Research, LLC was founded in 2008 as a premier equity research boutique with a commitment to best-in-class products and service. Wolfe also provides clients with focused, unbiased agency single stock and portfolio trading and banking services through its affiliated broker dealers, Wolfe Research Securities and Wolfe Capital Markets and Advisory.

Wolfe remains committed both through acquisition and internal mentoring to providing a home for the top-ranked, most differentiated and inspired analysts, sales people, and traders. The firm thus far has established a reputation for macro research underpinning leading coverage in Industrials, Energy/Utilities, Consumer/Retail, and Healthcare.

Despite the small but growing size of its boutique research franchise, Wolfe Research was voted #10 in the latest 2017 weighted poll and within the top 15 of all research firms on Wall Street by institutional clients for the past five years in Institutional Investor magazine’s prestigious All-America Research Poll. In 2013, Business Insider named Wolfe as one of the top 16 Wall Street firms where employees want to work.

Wolfe Research, LLC and its affiliates currently employ about 115 full-time professionals and continue to actively search for top talent
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