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Wolfe Research Names Chris Senyek Chief Investment Strategist and Lead Quantitative Analyst; François Trahan Departs Firm


Wolfe Research Names Chris Senyek Chief Investment Strategist and Lead Quantitative Analyst; François Trahan Departs Firm


New York, NY — April 29, 2013 - Wolfe Research, LLC announced today that François Trahan has departed the firm to pursue other opportunities. “François has been a valued colleague for the past three years and remains a friend,” Managing Partner Ed Wolfe stated. “We thank him for his contributions and wish him the best for the future.”


The firm simultaneously announced that Chris Senyek has been named Chief Investment Strategist and Lead Quantitative Analyst. Mr. Senyek joined Wolfe Research in September 2011 as Managing Director and Senior Analyst heading the Accounting & Tax Policy research team. He will continue in that role in addition to his new responsibilities. Mr. Senyek has been ranked the #1 Accounting & Tax Policy Analyst in Institutional Investor magazine’s All-America Research Team for the past four consecutive years.


“Chris has distinguished himself as a gifted analyst whose sharp mind and unyielding standards have earned the respect of his clients and colleagues alike,” said Wolfe. “Chris will launch on both Strategy and an expanded Quant product by mid-May. He is well known to the senior decision makers of our client firms and his macro work already extends far beyond the traditional confines of his current research area. His promotion to these additional positions is well deserved and recognizes both the contributions he’s already made to our franchise and clientele and those he will be better able to make in his new role."


Mr. Senyek noted, “I am thrilled by the opportunity to branch out from my Accounting and Tax Policy work into the broader macro sectors of Portfolio Strategy and Quant. A great deal of my product already touches these areas and I am excited to have direct responsibility for them. My team and I have developed Quant screens over the years on subjects such as earnings quality, cash flow returns and dividend policy. These screens lead directly to portfolio themes and recommendations which would typically be in the Strategy domain. I am looking forward to launching my formal Strategy framework, which will seek to combine the best of both macro-economic and micro-economic inputs.”


“The recent addition to the team of Chip Miller, formerly Small Cap Strategist at UBS, will also augment our overall market strategy and sector weighting products,” Senyek commented. Chris and his team will provide both market and sector views while continuing to publish and refine their well-developed Quant tools.


Mr. Wolfe added that the firm has reverted to its original name, Wolfe Research, and expects to complete its re-branding over the coming weeks. “Wolfe Research is already recognized as a brand which stands for thorough, honest and differentiated research and for its dedication to the superior service of its institutional client base. These will remain our hallmarks in both macro and sector research as we continue to expand the firm.”


About Wolfe Research, LLC and Wolfe Research Securities

Wolfe Research, LLC was founded in 2008 as a research boutique by former Bear Stearns top-ranked Transportation Analyst, Ed Wolfe. The firm has grown to include seven prominent research teams, establishing a reputation for both sector and macro research. Each team was recognized by clients in Institutional Investor magazine’s 2012 All-America Research Poll, in which the firm’s weighted rank was #12 overall for U.S. equity research. In February 2013, Wolfe was named by Business Insider as one of the top 16 Wall Street firms where employees want to work.


In May 2010, WR Securities, LLC, which formerly operated as Wolfe Trahan Securities, was launched as an affiliated broker dealer. WR Securities intends to change its name to Wolfe Research Securities and acts as a distribution arm through its trading desk for Wolfe Research in addition to engaging in equity and debt underwriting and corporate finance advisory. It provides unbiased advice singularly focused on advancing clients’ long term interests. Wolfe Research, LLC and its affiliates currently employ more than 50 full time professionals and continue to actively search for top talent.


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