Wolfe Research QES Seminar for Fundamental Investors

May 8, 2019

Wolfe Research Senior Quantitative, Economics and Portfolio Strategy Analyst, Yin Luo, will host a luncheon seminar on Wednesday, May 8th from 12PM – 2PM. This seminar will focus on how fundamental/discretionary investors can take advantage of alternative data and quantitative models in analyzing global energy stocks as well as the idiosyncratic issues that are unique to energy companies and the QES team will demonstrate how machine learning techniques, top-down macro research, and alternative data can be applied in the energy space. The fundamental energy research team will also be there to discuss the specific metrics they use to analyze oil & gas companies.


Topics of Discussion:

  • How do Fundamental Analysts Analyze Energy Companies.
  • Machine Learning in Global Energy Industry Rotation and Stock Selection
  • Marine Shipping Data in Crude Oil Return Forecast (forthcoming)
  • Risk & Portfolio Construction Issues in Managing Energy Portfolios