Conference Details

Wolfe Research hosts several conferences in various locations throughout the year. Please see brief descriptions below for our current upcoming conferences and recent past conferences, and click through for more detailed information and how to register for each event.

Wolfe Research Utilities & Energy Conference. Our two-day conference in New York will provide investors access to the premier companies and key decision makers in the utilities & energy sectors with a focus on the important themes and investment opportunities. October 2-3, 2019

Wolfe Research Inagural Healthcare Conference. The healthcare team of Justin Lake (Facilities/MCOs), Tim Anderson (Global Pharma), Akash Tewari (Biotech/Spec Pharma), and Stephen Baxter (HC Tech & Distribution) is pleased to announce our inaugural Wolfe Research Healthcare Conference. While this will primarily be a 1x1 Conference with the goal of providing access to company management teams, we will also host select panel presentations, moderated company discussions, and dinners. Companies in attendance will come from a variety of healthcare subsectors including: Healthcare Services, Global Pharma, Biotechnology, Specialty Pharma, CRO & Labs, Healthcare Life Sciences and Medical Devices. November 6, 2019


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3rd Annual Wolfe Research Global Quantitative and Macro Investment Conference. Our two day conference in New York is a “must attend” event for all investors interested in both bottom-up stock selection and top-down global macro strategies. The conference will feature: 1. Presentations on Academic Research from Leading Scholars; 2. Demonstrations from data vendors; and  3. Panels discussing alternative data and how discretionary managers can utilize quantitative tools and methods. November 18-19, 2019

Wolfe Research Global Auto, Auto Tech, and Mobility Conference. C-suite management from leading global automakers and suppliers will present their strategies (and in many cases initial guidance) for the coming year and beyond, making this conference a MUST-ATTEND event for investors. The 2-day conference in New York will feature a combination of presentations, keynote meals, and topical panels exploring investable macro and technology themes. One-on-one meetings and small group dinners will also be featured as part of the conference. February 25-26, 2020 

Wolfe Research FinTech Forum. The Wolfe FinTech Forum will be held on March 10-11, 2020 in New York City. The 2-day forum will feature a variety of public and private companies who are key players in the payments and technology space. The event will include presentations, fireside chats, and panels on topics including: evolution at the point-of-sale, digital and omnichannel payments, e-commerce/m-commerce, digital wallets, B2B payments, money transfer, ACH, Blockchain and other disruptive technologies, security solutions, prepaid services, venture capital/private equity perspectives, and more. One-on-one meetings and group dinners will be featured as well. March 10-11, 2020

Wolfe Research 13th Annual Global Transportation Conference. 13th Annual Wolfe Research Global Transportation Conference. Our New York conference will feature 2 days of unique panel discussions and presentations by senior executives from more than 50 public and private global transportation and industrial companies, as well as shippers and other industry insiders. We expect a healthy dialogue on such topics as: U.S. and global demand trends, capacity trends and their impact on pricing for airlines, truck, rail and airfreight; the latest on the rail and truck regulatory environment; and trends in airline capacity plans and the impact of jet fuel prices. One-on-one meetings and small group dinners will be featured as part of the conference. May 19-20, 2020.