The Wolfe Research Edge

Our firm is built around the mission of research excellence. As we expand our firm, we are being recognized alongside incumbent research leaders. Our success in a post-MiFid II world is due to the fact that our senior analysts have the advantages of larger support teams and fewer distractions than the rest of the Street. This allows our analysts to use their unique insights, historical knowledge of their sector through multiple cycles, methodologies, contacts, and survey work to consistently provide a differentiated and objective perspective, often in sharp contrast to Consensus views. Our founder and Managing partner was a top research analyst and it’s in Wolfe’s DNA to produce objective, creative and differentiated macro and sector research. Increasingly in a post-MiFID II world, we provide bespoke research to our clients that fits their exact needs. Additionally, we view each salesperson and trader as a product specialist in every area we cover, and we hold them to a singularly high standard. As such, we believe that they are able to provide a more valuable service adapted to each specific client, combining the best of both our macro and company-specific research work. Why not have the hardest working, most experienced, and creative team of research, sales, and trading work directly with you?


For more details on what we consider the Wolfe Research Edge for clients, including a list of products each of our analyst teams provide, please contact