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Wolfe Research team


At Wolfe Research our focused team of lead analysts are widely recognized as the top established analysts on the street and include some of the brightest up and comers.


In October 2018, Institutional Investor magazine announced that institutional investors voted boutique research firm Wolfe Research #11 (by weighting) in the publication’s prestigious All–America Research Poll. Wolfe Research has now been one of the top 15 ranked firms in the U.S. by Institutional clients for the past seven years. Currently Wolfe covers over 50 sub-sectors through 23 publishing analysts, but we believe that our relatively strong showing in this poll reflects that quality of what we do cover and our commitment to value–added research.


Wolfe Research does not seek to cover every sector, but we will always hold ourselves to best–in–class standards in each of our research verticals. We strive for excellence in every facet of our business, and we will continue to differentiate ourselves by maintaining the highest standards for effort, client service, thoughtfulness, and integrity.


Sales vs Research Softball Game 2017:

Wolfe Softball 2017