Wolfe Research hosts several conferences in various locations throughout the year. Please see brief descriptions below for our current upcoming conferences and recent past conferences, and click through for more detailed information and how to register for each event.

Wolfe Research U.K. Global Quantitative & Macro Investment Conference. Our conference in London is a “must attend” event for all investors interested in both bottom-up stock selection and top-down global macro strategies. June 8, 2018

Wolfe Research 4th Annual EnerCom Event. Wolfe Research will provide an opportunity for a small group of investors to enhance their EnerCom Denver experience through meetings with company management teams. These 45-minute long curated discussions are hosted in parallel to the EnerCom conference and will provide plenty of time for Q&A with C-Level executives. August 21, 2018

Wolfe Research Power & Utilities Leaders Conference. Our two day conference in New York will provide investors access to the premier companies and key decision makers in the power and gas sectors with a focus on the important themes and investment opportunities. October 2-3, 2018

Wolfe Research Oil & Gas Leaders Conference. The conference format will feature thematic in-depth panel discussions, fireside chats and one-on-one meetings with investors and oil & gas industry leaders. October 4, 2018

Wolfe Research 11th Annual Trucking Forum at ATA MC&E. A prime opportunity to meet with trucking company managements in one location and gain great insight into the current state of the truck environment. Scott Group will moderate roundtable discussions with 12+ public and private trucking executives. October 29, 2018

Wolfe Research Meetings at EEI Conference. Wolfe Research Senior Utilities Analyst, Steve Fleishman, hosts meetings with company management in conjunction with the Annual Edison Electric Institute Financial Conference in San Francisco, CA. This is a capacity-constrained event. November 12 - 14, 2018

Wolfe Research 2nd Annual Global Quantitative & Macro Investment Conference. Our two day conference in New York is a “must attend” event for all investors interested in both bottom-up stock selection and top-down global macro strategies. New York CIty, November 2018

Wolfe Research 5th Annual Refiners Conference. Wolfe Research Refiners Conference starts every Oil & Gas Team year with a unique and complete line up of C-Level representation from all the quoted US independent refiners. Every company is represented at "C-Level". Clients can request 1x1 meetings, or join the "Sankey Track" of fireside chats with each company. It is therefore possible for every attendee to see every company. 

The crucial position and role of the US refiners in global oil markets makes them best-positioned to inform on overall oil market dynamics, from the Permian, to Washington DC, to Riyadh, to the US gas pump. Furthermore the refining industry is characterized by regular corporate activity, in M&A, MLPs, logistics, and retail.

The day provides a unique powerful and time-efficient tone-setter for the coming year. Please join us in Boston for this powerful event!