Analysts In the Media

May 3, 2018

Chris Senyek: Do the Math: Numbers Still Matter to Investors

Barron's (Article)


April 30, 2018

Steve Fleishman: CMP Transmission Project Expected to Fatten Parent Avangrid's Bottom Line

Press Herald (Article)


April 26, 2018

Scott Mushkin: Walmart, With Billions to Spend, Seeks Flipkart E-Commerce Site in India

New York Times (Article)


April 24, 2018

Hunter Keay: Why Wall Street Shrugged Off Southwest's First Fatal Accident

Dallas Morning News (Article)


January 20, 2018

Hunter Keay: Boeing's "Brutal" Rally

Barron's (Article)


January 18, 2018

Hunter Keay: After Aircraft Order Concerns, This Analyst Upgrades Boeing

CNBC (Video)


December 20, 2017

Scott Mushkin: Wal-Mart's Last Remaining Bearish Analyst Upgrades Stock

Bloomberg (Article)


December 11, 2017

Ed Wolfe : Wolfe Sees 'Double Digit' S&P 500 Gain in Latest 2018 Bull Call

Bloomberg (Article)


November 21, 2017

Ed Wolfe : Boutique Chief Sees Most European Banks Exiting Research by 2021

Bloomberg (Article)


September 8, 2017

Ed Wolfe : Boutique Firm Bets On Stable of Top-Notch Analysts to Survive MiFID

Bloomberg (Video/Article)


August 18, 2016

Hunter Keay : United Airlines Names CFO as Munoz Fills Out Management Team

Bloomberg (Article)


August 11, 2016

Adrienne Yih : 6 Retailers Poised to Be Back-to-School Winners

The Street (Article)


July 29, 2016

Scott Mushkin : Analyst: Overcapacity, deflation creating 'awful' conditions

Supermarket News (Article)


July 29, 2016

Paul Sankey : What to do with oil stocks

CNBC (Video)


July 7, 2016

Paul Sankey : Refiners sit out energy rally

CNBC Fast Money (Video)


June 29, 2016

Hunter Keay : Power Lunch: United Continental Has 'A Lot of Untapped Potential'

CNBC (Video)


June 1, 2016

Paul Sankey : Best places to play oil ahead of OPEC

CNBC (Video)


May 16, 2016

Scott Mushkin : GO: What to Expect From U.S. Retailers This Week

Bloomberg (Video)


May 1, 2016

Scott Mushkin : Changing the Channel

Retail Leader (Article)


April 3, 2016

Scott Mushkin : Kroger's Lucky Strike in Battle with Sprouts, Whole Foods

Supermarket News (Article)


March 30, 2016

Jared Shojaian : Carnival Tops Estimates in Period Marked by Terror, Zika Worries

Bloomberg (Article)


March 28, 2016

Hunter Keay : Wolfe Research's Airline Menagerie

Dow Jones (Article)


March 22, 2016

Scott Mushkin : The German Chain That's Beating Wal-Mart at Its Own Game

Bloomberg (Article)


March 10, 2016

Paul Sankey : Call of the Day: Chevron Upstream Asset Base Strong

CNBC (Video)


March 9, 2016

Scott Mushkin : Kroger's Big $4 Billion Expansion Plan

Cincinnati Inquirer (Article)


February 16, 2016

Paul Sankey : Iran and Iraq are new 'oil superpower': Analyst

CNBC (Video)


February 7, 2016

Scott Mushkin : Grocery Impact: Costco, Trader Joe's Will Further Divide Regional Shopping Market

Tulsa World (Article)


February 3, 2016

Hunter Keay Delta Names Bastian CEO as Anderson Departs After Merger Success
Bloomberg (Article)


February 1, 2016

Scott Mushkin The Billionaire Behind Walgreens' Quest for Global Dominance
Fortune (Article)


January 12, 2016

Scott Mushkin Banks Slash Oil-Price Forecasts Again
Wall St. Journal (Article)


January 10, 2016

Scott Mushkin Pain to Gain: Crude Prices to Triple?
CNBC Fast Money (Video)


January 7, 2016

Paul Sankey Analyst: Why Oil Could Triple by 2018
CNBC Fast Money (Video)


December 10, 2015

Scott Mushkin Regulatory Fears Over the Walgreens-Rite Aid Merger
Wall St. Journal (Article)


December 1, 2015

Scott Mushkin Will Kroger Speed Up Acquisitions?
Cincinnati Enquirer (Article)


November 17, 2015

Paul Sankey How Oil Industry Stands After Terror Attacks
CNBC (Video)


November 16, 2015

Aram Rubinson The Internet Can't Save Retail
Bloomberg (Article)


November 12, 2015

Scott Mushkin Food Trends: Consumers Want Healthy, Local Foods
Successful Farming (Article)


November 10, 2015

Adrienne Yih Tennant Retailers’ Full Shelves May Force Holiday Discounts
Wall Street Journal (Article)


October 24, 2015

Aram Rubinson Dick’s Sporting Goods Revamps; Pushing Apparel, Footwear
Barron's (Article)


October 23, 2015

Adrienne Yih Tennant Lululemon’s Top Execs Go From Mostly Women To All Men in Three Years
Buzzfeed (Article)


October 21, 2015

Paul Sankey Oil industry in thirds: Pro
CNBC (Video)


October 20, 2015

Scott Mushkin Wal-Mart's Raises to $10 an Hour May Cost Retailers $4 Billion
Bloomberg (Article)


October 14, 2015

Ed Wolfe 2 Firms Share Title of America's Top Corporate Access Provider
Institutional Investor (Article)


September 29, 2015

Paul Sankey Chevron Stands To Win In Liquefied Natural Gas Market: Energy Analyst
Yahoo Finance (Video)


September 28, 2015

Scott Group Liège feels the threat of FedEx takeover
Financial Times


September 28, 2015

Paul Sankey With Crude Stuck In A Sloppy Range, Stick To 'Quality' Energy Stocks
Yahoo Finance (Video)


September 28, 2015

Scott Mushkin Why ‘Middle’ Is No Longer A Dirty Word For Supermarkets
Supermarket News (Article)


September 21, 2015

Scott Mushkin Analysts Discuss Online Retail, Consolidation In Last Installment Of SN's Roundtable Series
Supermarket News (Article)


September 18, 2015

Scott Mushkin Aldi's On Point, Walmart's Not: Part Three Of SN's Roundtable Series
Supermarket News (Article)


September 17, 2015

Scott Mushkin Analysts Critical Of Whole Foods' 365 In Part Two Of SN's Roundtable Series
Supermarket News (Article)


September 16, 2015

Scott Mushkin Analysts Maintain Cautious Outlook During Part One of SN's 20th Annual Roundtable Series
Supermarket News (Article)


September 16, 2015

Scott Mushkin Sick of Sky-High Drug Prices? Here's a Revenge Prescription
CNBC (Article)


September 8, 2015

Scott Mushkin Grocers Take Whole New Approach to Business
Chicago Tribune (Article)


September 5, 2015

Steve Fleishman Despite Rejection, Exelon Has to Keep Dating
Crain's Chicago Business (Article)


August 26, 2015

Hunter Keay Fliers in Certain Markets Are Seeing Bargain Flights as Fare Wars Make a Limited Return
Associated Press (Article)


August 25, 2015

Scott Mushkin The Alchemist: How Larry Merlo Is Transforming CVS
Institutional Investor (Article)


August 24, 2015

Paul Sankey Bloomberg Surveillance: Sankey, Golub, Willis and Sfakianakis
Bloomberg Radio (Radio)


August 14, 2015

Scott Mushkin Retail Drug Stores Cut Costs, Merge To Stay Healthy
Investors Business Daily (Article)


August 11, 2015

Paul Sankey Halftime Report: EOG, the Apple of Oil
CNBC (Video)


August 5, 2015

Scott Mushkin Sectornomics: Consumer Staples - A Good Reason to Invest in the Typical Habits of Americans
CNBC (Article)


August 3, 2015

Hunter Keay American's Too-Low Pricing Hurts the Airline Industry, Analyst Says
The Street (Article)


July 31, 2015

Scott Mushkin Kroger Takes The Middle To The Top
Retail Leader (Article)


July 29, 2015

Hunter Keay Defense Contractors Hunker Down, Then Report Blistering Earnings
Washington Post (Article)


July 22, 2015

Aram Rubinson Dick's Sporting Goods to Open Women's Fitness, Lifestyle Boutiques
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Article)


July 9, 2015

Scott Mushkin the Wal-Mart Empire Strikes Back
Institutional Investor (Article)


July 2, 2015

Scott Mushkin Whole Foods Co-CEOs Apologize for Overcharging Customers
The Street (Article)


June 1, 2015

Hunter Keay U.S. Eyes Possible Airline Collusion to Keep Fares High
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (Article)


June 22, 2015

Ed Wolfe EU Rules Could Shake Up Research Payments For US Managers
Fund Action (Article)


February 12, 2015

Paul Sankey Will ExxonMobil Turn to Acquisition?
Wall Street Journal (Article)


February 2, 2015

Paul Sankey Exxon Beats, Higher on Day
CNBC (Video)


January 16, 2015

Scott Mushkin Competition a Little Easier
CTV (Video)


January 15, 2015

Aram Rubinson Six Reasons Williams-Sonoma Could Outperform in 2015
Investor’s Business Daily (Article)


January 15, 2015

Scott Mushkin Target leaving Canada: ‘Losing money every day’
CTV (Article)


January 7, 2015

Wolfe Research Utilities Stage High-Wire Act With Bond Yields
Wall Street Journal (Article)


January 4, 2015

Hunter Keay 2015 to be a good year for American, analyst says
Star-Telegram (Article)


December 24, 2014

Scott Mushkin Target should leave Canada, operations unfixable: Analyst
BNN (Video)


December 4, 2014

Paul Sankey Shale Producers Say Bring It, in Oil Price Showdown
Bloomberg (Article)


December 1, 2014

Paul Sankey What’s Next for Crude?
CNBC (Video)


November 28, 2014

Paul Sankey The Beginning of the End for Oil: ‘Volatility Sells Teslas’
Barron’s (Article)


November 17, 2014

Scott Mushkin Millennials Drive Food Trends Despite Lag In Spending
Supermarket News (Article)


October 24, 2014

Aram Rubinson Investors Are Getting Fed Up With Amazon
Business Insider (Article)


October 20, 2014

Scott Group Canadian Pacific, CSX End Merger Talks
Wall Street Journal (Article)


October 20, 2014

Scott Mushkin End of QE, Good for Consumer Stocks
Business News Network (Video)


October 8, 2014

Ed Wolfe In Europe, Unbundling Proposals Spark Anxiety, Opposition
Institutional Investor (Article)


October 2, 2014

Paul Sankey Oil Hits Fresh Lows
CNBC (Video)


September 26, 2014

Scott Mushkin CVS Finds Right Medicine For Health Care Pressures
Investor’s Business Daily (Article)


September 24, 2014

Aram Rubinson Bed Bath & Beyond Up On Q2, Hole Poked In Bear Case
Investor’s Business Daily (Article)


September 19, 2014

Hunter Keay Analyst Decries ‘A Sense of Entitlement’ in Air Travelers
Roll Call (Article)


September 16, 2014

Paul Sankey Refiners: Not dead yet
CNBC (Video)


September 11, 2014

Paul Sankey Oil Slips to 8-month Lows
CNBC (Video)


July 29, 2014

Paul Sankey What’s Driving Crude
CNBC (Video)


July 25, 2014

Aram Rubinson Cramer: Amazon Doesn’t Care
CNBC (Video – 35 sec mark)


July 8, 2014

Scott Mushkin Wal-Mart Looks to Grow by Embracing Smaller Stores
Wall Street Journal (Article)


May 15, 2014

Scott Mushkin Did You Lose Money on Whole Foods Last Week? You Didn’t Have To
Motley Fool (Article)


May 12, 2014

Hunter Keay JetBlue CEO in Hot Seat as Airline Lags Rivals
Wall Street Journal (Article)


April 9, 2014

Scott Mushkin Everyday low prices? Wal-Mart’s competitors can play that game too
Washington Post (Article)


February 24, 2014

Scott Mushkin The New Supernaturals
Supermarket News (Article)


February 20, 2014

Scott Mushkin What Can Wal-Mart Do to Improve Its Business?
Bloomberg (Video)


February 14, 2014

Hunter Keay Airlines Thawing Out
CNBC (Video)


February 3, 2014

Wolfe Research Top Analyst Leaves Deutsche Bank for Wolfe Research
Wall Street Journal (Article)


January 28, 2014

Scott Group YRC Worldwide Shares Jump on Union Vote
Kansas City Star (Article)


December 9, 2013

Scott Group Struggling YRC Worldwide lobbies Teamsters union to alter, extend contract
Kansas City Star (Article)


November 27, 2013

Scott Mushkin Gearing Up for Black Friday
Business News Network (Video)


November 18, 2013

Scott Mushkin Walmart’s Obamacare news: The latest corporate excuse?
Marketplace (Article)


November 8, 2013

Hunter Keay Election could lead Virginia to pull out of American-US Airways case
Fort Worth Star (Article)